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What’s stopping you from fulfilling that dream? What’s stopping you from taking those actions? What’s stopping you from setting those boundaries that you might need to set? Or, what’s stopping you from even thinking about coming to the conference?

Meet SJ!

Our CEO, Sarah Jane, first became a business owner after the purchase of her and her husband’s first property that God encouraged her to buy, which lead to Mountain Ridge Property & Development being founded in 2014.

Since then, she has completed seven renovations, started up her digital marketing business The Automation Girl in 2015, and helped thousands of women with tips to help encourage, strengthen and unite them in business under the CWIB brand that launched in 2017.

She will also soon be offering mentoring for business owners and investors while running The Christian Women Group. 

9th & 10th Sept 2023

Surfair, Macoola, QLD, AUD.

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What is stopping you? A question I want to ask you today. What’s stopping you from fulfilling that dream? What’s stopping you from taking those actions? What’s stopping you from setting those boundaries that you might need to set? Or, what’s stopping you from even thinking about coming to conference? I had a conversation just the other day with a lady who was feeling like maybe a conference wasn’t feasible for her right now.

And I’ve had this conversation with a couple of people and I want you to know and understand that I believe when we’re feeling busy, run-down that we’ve got no energy left, that just adding one more thing to our life right now can feel a little bit hectic, is probably when we need God the most.

Okay, and I just want to talk about and be really upfront with over the past few years, we’ve run a few conferences now, A lot of people say the same thing. Oh, you know, I just, didn’t really want to come. It felt like. You know, I had to organize a lot of things and get a lot of things ready to be here, but now I’m here and I’ve done the weekend, I couldn’t have needed it so much more like they couldn’t have needed that space with God, that time to think that time to just stop.

We run and have run our conferences and a business conference, especially a little bit differently from how others. I’ve been to a lot of conferences and I find that they try and pack in as much as possible in the way of lessons, speakers, workshops, whatever, into a weekend that you come out and you’re absolutely like zonked like you’re full of information overload.

You can’t remember. Anything that you’ve just been taught can feel really overwhelming I know for me being quiet I’m not speaking over my life anymore, but I need to really monitor my energy and work out where I release the energy and where I need to kind of savour it in. I find that I came away from a lot of them just feeling really exhausted.

And I feel like no matter what weekend you go away when you go away for a weekend, it’s always a lot to organize. You know, who’s going to look after the kids? Does everyone have enough food? Whatever it might be. Do I have the finances? And that leads me to another point as well of God always providing in the end anyway.

So I want you to know that if you’re feeling really overwhelmed, we’ve designed this weekend for it not to feel Like that. We produce and try and put in a lot of space, a lot of white time into the weekend. So you’re not being just spoken at all the time, but actually, a lot of it is inside work and then space to just go and do whatever it is you need to do.

Be it spending time with God, going and chilling on the beach. Like we are literally, we’re on the beach. Like there’s the conference centre, some grass, a couple of trees, and the beach. Like, it’s a 25 meter walk and you’re on sand, if the sand hasn’t already made its way up through the path. So the space that we’ve chosen and why we’ve chosen that space is literally to create space for you, create a space for you in your life where you can come away for a weekend with God and your business and just You don’t have to be anyone’s mom.

You don’t have to be even the boss lady that weekend. You, that weekend is designed for you to just come and be with God and learn about business at the same time, but in a very non overwhelming way. So you’re going to have time with Jesus to just be and don’t feel afraid that I’m just going to, you know, some people are scared or if I’m just going to sit there with my Bible, like, you know, that’s not for me, that’s not the space that we are creating.

The times are facilitated, the times are reflective, and we prompt you with questions. About your life and about business, both together, both go hand in hand. Faith, life, business are all one, whether some people separate them or not. I think they’re all in one. And so this time with God is precious, it’s facilitated, and you won’t be left to kind of be distracted, if you like.
You’re going to hear inspirational stories from women who have Grown all different types of businesses. You are going to learn some practical elements and actually apply them that weekend as well. And you’re going to be given time to just go off and be, and just do what it is that you need to do for that weekend away.

But I have people messaging me, telling me they’re excited because they’ve got three nights away. Where they can get a full night’s sleep and just be them, be a daughter with God and go and just spend that weekend with God and embrace him and just be you for the weekend. But learn about something that you’re passionate about and we’re all passionate about our businesses.

So if you’ve got that fear stopping you from coming, I know that God is calling us to emerge. I know that he’s calling us to step into that faith zone when we’re feeling tired, run down overwhelmed, under resourced. You might be feeling under resourced and that it’s unaffordable. But God is calling you and I’m asking you to have that faith in God that one.
He’s gonna look after you. Two, he will provide the resources. I know, and I’ve seen it time and time again, and I can say it till I’m blue in the face, if God wants you to be there that weekend, take the faith. He will provide the refunds. The refunds, the resources it, well, I guess it is a refund back into your pocket.

But yeah, I’ve just seen it so many times and times again, when women have taken that time out to be with God, that God has blessed them immensely. It might just come in a way that you weren’t expecting it. And that’s the faith journey. That’s kingdom business. That’s the way we do our life, right? We have our life and faith in God, and we just encounter that journey and embrace the different ways that resources might find us and if it like if you’re desperate to come We’re after a couple of volunteers. So just hit me up and let me know we’ve got market stalls available too, so if you know, I was gonna come and I wanted to do the market still as well And then it felt overwhelming just take the market stall out.

Like it’s no big deal. Just come for you and just come to be and be with God and be present in Jesus’s presence and just spend that time together, because ultimately that’s what the weekend is about. It’s about taking you out of your everyday life, bringing in you into a space with Jesus, no matter what time of the year it is.

I know a lot of people have been put off because we haven’t had it in February this year, but this is the time. That God wants us to have it this year, and God can still meet you in September as much as he can meet you in February. Like, he’s here all the time. And I just know that September is also spring.

And I feel like there’s some relevance in bringing us together in that springtime, after a winter, especially with the Emerge as their theme for the conference. Like, we’ve spent some time in a winter. I know personally I was in a winter for a few years and it wasn’t an unproductive winter. It was just a step back winter, and now this year has been the time to step out and to re emerge.

And so we’re emerging in spring, literally after a seasonal winter in Australia, which is really exciting. We’ve got online options available now too. If getting up to the Sunshine Coast, wherever you’re from, or getting down, getting across, just feels too out of reach, then just book something close to home, or..

Tell everyone that you’re unavailable this weekend and block out that time and come and join us online. The online experience is just as good. I mean, you can never beat face to face, but it’s still the best an online experience can be. So embrace the different opportunities, stop saying overthinking it.

Come and join us and create space for you to just allow yourself that time to connect, to heal, to dream ideas. I just know that there’s going to be a lots of prayer over this weekend for different people at different stages of the weekend. And just come and be with God. Like don’t let anything stop you.

If you feel in your heart that, okay, I might be feeling all these angst, but yes, this is definitely something that I need to do. Come, you’re invited. We’re creating this space for you. And if you’ve got other things that you’ve been stopping or, you know, feeling like you’ve just been fighting, but you know, it’s something you’ve got to do.

This podcast is also directed at that. Like, what is stopping you? Because God is calling you to emerge. Now is your time to emerge. We’re entering into a Embrace it. Don’t let fear, don’t let the devil captivate you or take that joy away from you. Get on with it. Get in it. Make that first step. We’re going to be making plans on that weekend as well.

I feel like it’s all intertwined. I know that God’s going to do something truly amazing as we all enter into this. now and emerge of how God wants you to do. And like my previous podcast, if it means that it looks differently, that’s okay. We will embrace it. We will enjoy it, and we will see what God does.

I’m SJ and we’ll catch you next time. Go get that conference ticket. Go and start whatever it is that you have been stopping from happening.

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