Fall in Love with Him

As Christians, we should be on fire for the Lord, and our desire to worship Him should be so strong that nothing compares to it.

What happens when that fire burns out though? What are you to do when your devotion to Him suddenly feels like a dwindling flame?

The best thing you can do to revive your relationship with God is to remember the very reason you first started following Him.

You first fell in love with God because Christ died on the cross so that all your sins could be forgiven and you could have a forever relationship with Him, not to mention His grace and His promises. (Romans 5:17;6:4). 

Father, thank You Lord for giving us an opportunity to come back to the first love we had with You. Lord Jesus, please help us to come more close to You. Help us to have a deep and intimate relationship with You. Do not allow the world to take your place in our hearts. We need You every moment in our lives. We long for You. You are the Only One we have! We trust in You. Restore us back to Your presence. Thank you Jesus! In Jesus Name, Amen.

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