Have You Thought About Your 2023 Yet?

Hey beautiful,

I don’t know about you but sometimes I get to the last quarter of the year and I can’t even fathom thinking about the year ahead, and other years I am like BRING IT ON and have already made plans in my mind about the following year.

This year is a year of “bring on 2023”.

Even though this year I have had a few crazy months of work thrown into the mix, I have for the past six months been focusing on my health, this has involved mostly sleeping like a teenager (not till 11 am, but getting a good nine hours sleep each night), eating enough good quality food, focusing on movement, and setting up killer boundaries.

I can say, it’s paid off and I am not getting to the end of the year feeling completely exhausted. 

Who would have thought some simple things like going to bed at 8:30 pm, focusing on movement throughout the day, and waiting to say “yes” to opportunities/invites would have such a big effect but it has.


My next step personally is getting back into what you might call “faith building” and understanding the power of God.

Maybe you’re feeling burnout by this year and need some space to reconnect with God and just be.

Or, you’re on fire, you’ve had the ideas & dreams planted by God, and you’re ready to get them on paper and get stuck into sorting out your goals and planning for 2023.

Our Spring Biz Retreat in Nov is personalised and catered for each individual for where they’re at and we would love to invite you to come along.

I know God, will meet each lady who decides to come, where she’s at. Be it healing & resorting to her soul, or adding more fuel to the fire that’s already lit. We will create space for each individual & you are so welcome :-).

We create these retreats not wanting to bring our worldly wisdom and knowledge to the table, but to give space for God to show up and demonstrate His power and love. Aren’t you excited to see what that looks like?

We are SO excited about it.

You can register & learn more about our Spring Retreat here.

I have also been working on a little something in the background for 2023 after experiencing the freedom of setting up some simple habits this year, in combination with what God has taught me (and is still teaching me), and have developed a special coaching & mentoring program called Momentum.

This is a 9-month program that will focus on three main areas faith, health, and wealth/business. Also understanding what life can be like when we let God be our momentum.

Much like our style with anything we do, this will be a Holy Ghost lead program.

We will go away as a group, three times throughout the year on business retreats where we will focus on the three pillars of faith, health, & wealth and how those roles out into our lives and businesses.

You will also have time to be kept accountable throughout the nine months with six one-on-one coaching and mentoring time with me (SJ). Where we will dive into deeper sessions with God and work on some simple habits to help create space in your own life.

You can learn more information and pop your application in for this program here.

You, lady, are doing such an amazing job whichever season you find yourself in. I want to be a voice today that encourages you to seek God, love with all your heart, and embrace ever minute in your business & in your life.

All my love,

– SJ

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