How To Balance Your Faith, Family, and Business Without Feeling Like A Hot Mess

Have you ever wondered why some women just look like they have it all figured out?

Perhaps they appear to be the perfect wife, the Pinterest Mom, the popular Mom boss, and an outstanding member of the community. You know that you secretly envy them despite your best efforts to live a Godly life. You’re hustling day and night in your business, trying to wear all the different hats your life requires you to wear, and right now you’re feeling more like a hot mess rather than a mega success.

Your life is out of balance and when it is the walls around you feel like they’re caving in around you. Perhaps your life looks a little bit like this:

  • Constant small fights with your husband due to lack of communication or even lack of attention
  • Multiple tantrums from your kiddo or kiddos due to lack of attention and love that they so desperately need
  • Unusual disruptions in your business that are causing your time, stress, and money due to lack of focus and potentially even some minor errors
  • Inability to hear the Holy Spirit guide you within in your life and business due to the hustle and bustle of life getting in the way
  • Lack of prayer, devotion, and service to Christ due to the many demands of your life and feeling on the verge of being burnt out

That’s just the tip if the iceberg, but I know you can likely relate. I will be the first to admit that my life is far from perfect. I do the best that I can each day. Some are better than others and some I fall short; however, what sets me apart from you and every other woman who feels like a hot mess is that I know how to get my faith, family, and business realigned and balanced.

You see, when your priorities are out of alignment, then you’ll feel like a hot mess. Nothing will seem to be going your way, and you’ll always feel like you’re picking up the pieces. You’ll give and give more, but nothing is coming in return. You’ll push yourself so hard to the brink of burnout and then question why God wasn’t there to help you. Sound, about right?

Your faith is your highest priority. Next is your family and then your business. When these priorities become out of balance that’s when life feels like you’re a plastic bag whirling about in the wind. Life doesn’t have to feel like that! You were put here on this Earth to do great things and being a hot mess doesn’t serve God, you, or your clients very well. It is time to stop the insanity and balance your life so that you are whole.

How do you balance your priorities so that you can feel happy, fulfilled, and less like a hot mess?

Here is my six-step process to getting your life realigned and balanced so that you can be the best version of yourself and living according to God’s plan:

  1. Determine your priorities and what’s important in your life as a whole.
  2. Brain purge the never-ending list of tasks that you need to do.
  3. Organize those tasks into three categories: Faith, Family, and Business.
  4. Prioritize those tasks under each category by asking the questions below for each task.
    1. Will this task help me move the need of success towards my goal?
    2. Is this task really that important to my faith, family, or business?
    3. Am I the only one that can do this task or can it be delegated?
    4. Is the task an income producing activity (IPA)?
    5. Will this task help make my life or business easier?
  5. Pull the top 2-3 tasks from each category and focus on those six most important tasks for the day.
  6. Tackle your daily tasks by working in the order that makes the most sense to you based on category.

If time allows, you’re more than welcome to tackle more than six of the most important things to do each day. I, however, recommend focusing on six because it’s an easy and digestible number of tasks that can be completed with success. The goal is to whittle away at the list one task at a time and feel a sense of satisfaction from completing the tasks. Like the saying goes, “eat an elephant one bite at a time”. This principle is the same for your never-ending to-do list. You can’t possibly get it all done. Well, you could but let’s be honest you’ll feel burnt out and everything and everyone around you will suffer the consequences.

Once you start incorporating this new routine to help you balance out your entire life as a whole, you’ll start to see an increase in your sense of fulfillment, joy, time, and productivity. Moreover, a decline in stress, overwhelm, negative thoughts, and feelings of burnout.

Your life will feel balanced! You’ll feel less like a hot mess and more whole because your faith, family, and business are now balanced like brand new bicycle wheel. I’m sure at some point in your life you have experienced an unpleasant ride. Whether that be on a bicycle or in a car, but the point is that if the car is out of alignment or either get a flat tire the ride becomes bumpy. It’s no longer a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Think of your life as a bicycle wheel. The spokes on the wheel are your faith, family, and business. If at any point the wheel, loses air the ride becomes unstable, bumpy, and unsafe. It can cause you to fall and get hurt. This is no different than when your real life is out of balance. Therefore, to stay balanced for a smooth and enjoyable right, keep your priorities in check.

Now let me caveat all this with saying that anytime you are wanting to make a change you’ll experience some growing pains. It’s normal to feel resistance to making any sort of change in our lives. We’re hardwired to naturally resist the “unknown” because of fear. Our brains tell us to resist, to stop, and shut down in order to protect us. My advice to you is to commit to making this change for a minimum of 30 days. Habits take a minimum of a month to form and if you really want to go big, shoot for a 90-day commitment. I promise you’ll see some drastic changes as a whole from making this change in your lifestyle.

Share in the comments below: What was your biggest takeaway from learning how to balance your faith, family, and business so that you can live a more fulfilled and balanced life?

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