How To Find Viral Content For Facebook

Do you struggle with finding compelling content to share on your Facebook Business Page?

If you do, you’re not alone!

Facebook seems to be the number one platform that most business owners use as part of their marketing strategy, and it’s the one social media platform that I receive the most questions about.

Yes, I agree, Facebook can be a bit of a challenge with all of the algorithm changes and constant updates, but it’s not impossible to find compelling and viral content that is going to connect you with your audience so that you can engage with them.

Here’s the thing, the more engagement your Page has, the higher the organic reach will be. By having your Page in front of more people it increases your brand’s exposure, and ultimately, it’s going to grow your following and list, generate quality leads, and boost your sales.

Which is lovely and all, but where do you find viral content that speaks to your audience?

Great question! In this article, you’ll learn five ways that you can find quality content to share with your raving fans on your Facebook Page. Let’s dive right in!

Search on Facebook

The first thing to consider is that Facebook rewards you when you keep you and your followers on Facebook; therefore, you don’t want to send your followers off to LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest.  Each of these platforms are seen as competitors to Facebook.

Facebook wants you to keep people on their platform, consuming more and more content. With that said, that is the number one place that you can search when you are looking for compelling viral content. Whether that be a text post, graphic, an article, or a video is irrelevant. You’re just looking for quality and viral content that will resonate with your audience that you can share on your Page.

By keeping your followers on Facebook, they will, in turn, give you some “brownie points” by pushing your content out to more users; which again increases your organic reach and exposure because you’re keeping people keeping Facebook followers on Facebook. Let Facebook help you market your business by playing by their rules!

To find content on Facebook, you can use the search bar and search for a keyword. From there, look at the posts, photos, videos or Pages with content related to the keyword. Review the material for quality and then share it out to your Page.

Now, this is one of the simplest things that you can do, and it’s useful! I can’t tell you how many times I had used this tactic and found compelling content to share or used it to spark my creativity when I had writer’s block.

If you haven’t already used this approach, definitely consider it because it is an effective strategy for you to find viral curated content. Not only that, as mentioned, it can help increase your engagement, your reach, and generate quality leads for you as well.

Share Content from Other Pages

The next place that you can look for virals is by sharing content from other pages. Since you are a professional and have a Facebook Business Page, you should have connections to pages that are similar to yours, your competitors, or that your audience is interested in.

With that said, you want to search for content that’s relevant to your audience and share it with them from these Pages. To find curated content, use the search feature on the Page to look for specific posts related to a keyword. This is a similar approach to finding content using the main search bar on Facebook.

Additionally, you can review these Pages to see what kind of content they’re posting and determine what is or is not working. It allows you to easily share their most successful and viral posts to your Facebook Page.

Furthermore, you can even go into your Facebook Insights and add the Page as a Page to Watch. This is a super simple way to view their most recent content, perform some research or find curated content to share. Look for posts that have the most comments, reactions, and shares because those are the ones that are going to help give you more “brownie points” with Facebook. Don’t be afraid to tag the Page in your post so that you are linking your Page with theirs and building a connection.  

One final expert tip for you is to make sure that you engage with these Pages as your Page so that Facebook will link you and the other Page as a similar Pages. By doing so, Facebook will recommend your Page when people “like” the other Page and vice versa. This is a great way to be able to kind of piggyback off of them, gain more followers, and build connections with influencer Pages.

Create and Share Your Content

The third place you can find quality content to share is by sharing your own content. Creating content yourself is the best way to grow your Page, and it positions you as an expert, authority figure and leader in your industry. Optional types of content that you can create are memes, blog posts, text posts, live streams or go to pre-recorded videos, or quotes, to name a few.

There is a difference between curated and original content, and it’s important to know the difference. Curated content is someone else’s content that you are sharing. Original content is content created by you, from you.

As a side note, when you are creating and sharing content, follow the 80-20 rule. Post 80 percent of the time relevant and engaging content and 20 percent of the time, post content that is promoting your brand. This could be a promotion to join your email list, follow you on social media, or to purchase a product or service, to name a few.

Share your content on your Page and repurpose it. This could be both original or curated content. Anything older than three months is typically fair game to use, within reason, to repurpose. Therefore, if you have a post that performed well in the past, hit share, and share it on your Page again. Don’t copy, paste, and share as a new post. Use the “sugar” from the viral “brownie points” that Facebook gave you on the post.

One other thing to be mindful of is that Pages who only share their original and promotional content usually have a harder time reaching their audience unless they’re paying for it with the “Pay to Play” rule on Facebook.

If you are currently sharing only your content, scale it back. Focus on sharing curated content and sprinkling in your original content. Once you get past a specific follower mark (25k+), Facebook changes and rewards you for sharing more of your original content.

Search on the Internet

Another way to find valuable curated content is to use the worldwide web. You can search on the Internet, YouTube, and Pinterest for viral content. The key here is to search for content that’s relevant to your audience, high quality, and engaging that you can share. Grab the link. Share it.

Keep in mind that you if you are sending people off of Facebook, you will get flagged and see a reduction in your organic reach. If this bothers you, then I recommend you add the link for the content in the comments of the post.

Share Content from Your Followers

The final why that you can find curated content for your followers is to share content from your followers or clients Pages. When you have an active Page, your followers will sometimes post pictures or videos of themselves in your comments. If so, ask for permission to use the photo on your Page for future content.

Additionally, if you find any material that is relevant to your audience from your clients or followers Pages, feel free to share it from their Page to yours as well.  A lot of times they will be eager and excited for you to share their content because they look up to you; and if you give credit where credit is due by tagging their Page you both get a little bit of extra exposure.

All right, to wrap things up, there are the five simple ways that you can find quality viral content to share on your Facebook Page. Don’t overthink the process and do your due diligence to ensure that the material is high quality, relevant, and compelling so that your audience will be encouraged to engage with it.

Share in the comments: What’s your biggest struggle with finding quality curated content to share on social media?

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