Learn To Love Your Finances

Proverbs 31:18.

“She see that her trading is profitable, and her lamp does not go out at night”

We all know the amazing Proverbs 31 Woman. To be honest there’s been times were we’ve all ‘eye-rolled’ at the thought of her – but no matter how many times we read it, there is always a verse that jumps out, that is specific to the season that we’re in at the time.

Allow this verse to pass wisdom on to you as you plan your finances. Allow it to give you a whole new mindset towards it in your business.

Father God, I thank you for providing a community of women that we can talk + share about our love for you. That together we can put your Word to work in our businesses. That we can grow together with the wisdom that you have given us. We can share our revelations with each and pray with each other, working towards our goals. Father, I thank you for guiding me in my preparations for the year to come. I commit my year + my business + my family to you. In Jesus Name, Amen

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We’ve created a sisterhood of Christian women in business who are completely in love with God and encourage each other on a daily basis with their businesses. 

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