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Meet Jodie Fisher – Nurse Jodie. Speaker at our 2023 Business Conference.

Jodie has 31 years of nursing experience with the last 9 years as a cosmetic nurse injector. Jodie now runs a very successful clinic on the Sunshine Coast that has seen amazing growth over the past couple of years.

Starting the clinic with just $20,000, Jodie took a step of faith which has now seen multiply and keeps multiplying through huge faith steps and obedience to what God has called her to do. The road hasn’t been an easy one, and Jodie will be sharing her amazing story and how God’s power has worked through her life and business.

Jodie will be speaking at our conference on the 9th & 10th of September 2023. You can get your tickets here >>

Her Story

In 2017 I suffered a break down at work. I was not coping or functioning well. I was second in charge of a busy surgical, orthopaedic ward and the load and responsibilities were hectic. My Nurse Unit Manager was hard, and tight with budgets which put extra pressures on us. I had a melt down at work and could not stop crying. 

I took time out for stress leave to gather myself again. During this time a doctor approached me to contract to him doing cosmetic injecting at 2 beauty clinics. I had learnt this and worked with a cosmetic Doctor in 2012-2014. I didn’t think that I would ever go back to it again. But this time I found it so rewarding and experienced a new passion and love for it. 

I was enjoying treating clients again and found a new level of confidence with how I was treating my clients that I didn’t have before I did this for a few months and the doctor approached me saying he was planning on opening his own clinic and that I was no longer required as a contractor, but if I like I could continue working in the two beauty clinics but as a sole operator. Essentially branching out on my own. Oh man nothing had really changed but it also had in a big way. Now I was responsible for stock and invoicing. For some reason I was scared. I had no big vision. I was just providing an income for myself outside of the hospital setting. 

For 12 months I worked part time at the hospital and my 2 days in the beauty clinics. At the end of 12 months, I had built quite a regular following. One of the beauty clinics was going through a tough time internally with two owners having DVO orders out against each other. Although i wasn’t caught up in it, it was not a very good atmosphere to be a part of. I found that more and more clients were asking about skin health treatments advice. I was restricted in what I could do for them in someone else’s clinic. It was frustrating as I could see there was a gap in the treatments being offered. 

2018 came the big leap of faith. I really felt that it was time to open my own clinic. I looked around and found a cheap commercial space in a medical building. It was old, uninviting, and disheartening when I saw it. But I also could see with a fresh coat of paint, new blinds, and furnishings we could turn it into something nice. My husband lent me $20,000 to get started. To me this was a huge amount of money to be responsible for and must owe it back to him. This time really taught me to surrender everything to God. I resigned from my 20 years with the private hospital and stable income. And fully trusted God for my income and business to grow. 

Every week was a new steppingstone, a new faith step or trusting, leaning in and just surrendering everything to God. It was quiet initially. I trusted and understood that we need to build. It wasn’t going to happen overnight. I needed to do what I could, love and care for my patients the best I could with what I had, market it well and trust God with it. People shared their experience with their family and friends. Word of mouth got out. Our socials FB and Instagram were growing. I was seriously happy as long as I could pay the bills and pay myself an income. Each week this happened. Each week we made profit, albeit small in the beginning. I left it there and the account grew. 

It wasn’t easy, there were adversities. There were people discrediting me. One of the salon owners was not happy that I had left and had opened my own clinic on the other side of town. She held onto my last takings for the day which was over $2000. I never saw it again. I was being sued for medical negligence. It was truly a scary time. But it was also an exhilarating time. This season brought me closer to God than I had ever felt before. I was talking to him non-stop. I was praying all the way to work; I was praying on the way home from work. I found my strength and security in him. He would warn me, would wake me up and I would see visions of his shield around me and that none of the spears being thrown at me would hurt me, but they would bounce of the armour. He was my protector from the enemy. 

Having a Christian friend was a huge support. I would say it’s quiet, and she would remind that although it was quiet God was providing for me. I was in fact doing okay. And that although stuff was happening which wasn’t pleasant, I could also trust God to carry me through. It reinforced to me when the devil was having a field day that I really must be a thorn in his side, and I was a child of God he was trying to discourage.

How do you condense 5 years of growth and learning into a few paragraphs? Only I have seen and felt Gods faithfulness. We continued to grow from strength to strength. We were able to introduce new treatments to meet client needs. We’ve expanded from 2 rooms to 6 treatment rooms, from one staff to 11 staff and thriving. God has blessed our little business immensely, beyond what I could ever dreamed or imagined.  From small faithful steps, big things grow. Find your passion and purpose and surrender it all to God to outwork his plan through you. I look forward to sharing with you at the Christian Women in Business conference.

5 tips on her craft & how do you incorporate God into your business?

I believe these both go hand in hand. I was brought up to put God first, family second and love on people.

So in business this is my philosophy put God first in all that I do.

Am I honouring him?

In the way I conduct myself with my peers, my colleagues, my staff, my clients.

When patients come to me and have had an experience elsewhere with a different clinician do I bad mouth that clinician or do I respect and honour them?

Am I honouring God with my finances?

Am I tithing?

Am I being a good steward with the provision God gives me? (Mathew 25: 14-20)

God gives each of talents and he ask us to multiply it. We must do something. We must take risk. What are we giving God for him to be able to do something with? He requires us to act first.  God cannot multiply nothing. But he can multiply what we do.

And have I surrendered all things to God. I truly believe that when we surrender the magic happens. Like a beautiful couple harmoniously waltzing around the dance floor. Are we allowing God to direct our paths or are we still trying to be in control. Are we being stubborn about some things and not letting go? God can’t move until we relinquish the control. When we do, God astounds us by doing immeasurable more than we can ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us. (Ephesians 3:20)

God is love. 1 John 4:7-21 Beloved let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. I love on people. Make them feel valued, loved, and cared for. I want them to feel it! Experience it! I want this for my staff and for my clients. And I desire nothing more than for them to experience the love of God for themselves. God brings awesome opportunities to speak into their hearts and bless them.

Your bible verse for this season and why?

I don’t really get a verse for the season but rather a vision for the direction God is leading me into. When I started in business, it wasn’t established and needed growth. So, the vision was seeing it how God intends it to be. Hanging onto the vision really helps you in times things are slow and not flourishing as you would like them to be. But just like flowers God starts with a seed. You cannot see the beautiful flower that seed will produce but you have a vision of it. You water and fertilise it and it blooms. Just like your business you must nurture it, do what God ask you to do, have faith and trust and watch it bloom.

He gives me a fresh vision for a new season.

Training new staff, expanding our territory, renovating, training.

I personally am passionate about people understanding Gods heart for them. He wants you living your best life. He wants your business doing well. He wants every area of your life flourishing, your marriage, your health, your dreams, and goals. It’s his heart!

Where can our listeners find you?

My business website is

Facebook is nursejodie

Instagram is nursejodie_

I’d love you to follow, reach out and say hello and feel free to ask me anything.

My personal instagram is Jodieleefisher

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